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A box to help you and your parents or other people you trust explore your strengths and potential professional education in a playful way.

The time during which you decide on your career path is an important period in your life. At first, your "Mission Future" is not about specific career choices. The journey starts with taking a look at yourself, at your strengths. People who focus on their strengths tend to gain access to what they would like to achieve.

The strength profile, part of the SwissSkills Mission Future box, is an important tool. It is based on the VIP (Visual Implicit Profiler) and offers results in an age-appropriate, well-funded, yet playful manner.

But there is more. The SwissSkills Mission Future box guides you through three missions - step by step:

Mission Mars - A game of strengths

On board a spacecraft heading for Mars, your family – or crew – is facing exciting challenges. The tasks you will be required to complete during your flight call for specific strengths. Get to know them and find out which ones you could use to complete your mission.

Logo Mission Mars Stärkenspiel Familie Aufgabe Stärken Lösungen

Mission Me - About self-knowledge

Based on the results of a visual questionnaire, you will discover your own strengths, as individuals and as a family.

Logo Mission me

Mission Career - Putting the strength approach into practice

In Mission Career, the focus lies on using the strengths of young people and the advantages they bring when considering career options. Parents will receive information by e-mail, and students get to use the personal strength compass they created while on Mission Me.

Logo Mission Career Umgang mit Stärken Karriere Chancen Eltern Schüler

Embark on your own "Mission Future" now. Order a strength box for you and your family here. 

Digital game instructions

You already have the box but do not feel like reading the instructions?
Let our video guide you through the SwissSkills Mission box.

00:00 - Mission Mars
06:53 - Mission Me
14:47 - Mission Career

You already have a SwissSkills Mission Future box and just need the link to our visual questionnaire?

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