Get to know yourself - with your strength profile

What are your "champion powers"? What are your strengths? Find out now - with the help of a visual questionnaire. The result will be your personal strength profile, a useful tool to plan the next steps on your career path.

Where to get a strength profile

At home

Together with your parents or other people you trust, with the help of the discovery box providing an even more in-depth exploration of individual strengths and potential professional education paths.

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At the skills fair

Free of charge; at our stands at skills fairs around Switzerland!


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What it is about

The strength profile is not about grades or knowledge. It is generated on the basis of how you react to images. As you do this subconsciously, the profile will allow you to  confirm strengths you already knew about and also discover new ones.

SwissSkills uses the Visual Implicit Profiler (VIP) developed by PSYfiers AG to establish strength profiles. The VIP is a visual test that identifies personality traits on the basis of the interpretation of simple graphic symbols. The test aims at starting conversations about strengths, opportunities, and interests. Conversations you could have with your teachers, parents, and friends. Conversations to support you during the process of finding a career.

When analysing the test, we deliberately focus on strengths only. Results are presented in a age-appropriate, well-founded, yet almost playful manner. Four maps illustrate basic personality types. More comprehensive profiles and a word cloud help present individual results in more detail. Have a look at the maps.

Does one of them describe you?

People using a city map
  • let themselves be guided by clear structures and set rules. They appreciate measurable results.
  • appreciate reliability and unambiguous communication.
  • form an overall perspective of a given situation quickly and process information with great precision.
  • convince others with straightforwardedness and a strong sense of reality, and they like a predictable environment.
  • get to their goals with the help of thorough planning and consistent navigation.
  • determine the destination they are heading for swiftly and safely - and travel on accurately defined routes.
People using a nautical chart
  • like to determine their own route to their goals independently.
  • prefer to have some creative leeway instead of strict guidelines when completing tasks and pursuing goals.
  • let themselves be guided by clear, major long-term goals.
  • analyse conditions along their way vigilantly, and are able to react to them.
  • structure information they obtain so that they can distill strategies and concepts from them.
  • are able to handle challenges appropriately and well, and to make use of opportunities.
People using a metro map
  • have a great sense of how others around them are doing.
  • like to be around and work with other people particularly well.
  • are well-prepared for their "journey" and plan accordingly.
  • pursue their goals step by step and consistently.
  • stay on task until they reach an intermediate goal, but are willing to then try new things.
  • appreciate structures and security, but at the same time require space to grow and develop their own solutions.
People using a world map
  • love to work on several tasks and topics at the same time.
  • think and act spontaneously and swiftly.
  • gain experience in various fields and are therefore able to come up with unusual ideas and solutions.
  • are fascinated by people and opportunities, and would like to evolve and keep getting better.
  • overcome boundaries with their thoughts and actions.
  • discover coherences without knowing all details, often at first glance.
Purpose of SwissSkills strength profiles
  1. We would like to arouse (young) people's curiosity for their own personality and their characteristics.
  2. We would like to help people get to know themselves a little better and thus enable them to deal with question in connection with finding a career.
  3. We would like to create a basis for discussion.
  4. We would like to show that grades are not the only parameter when it comes to deciding on which path you might want to take in your life. Other aspects, including motivation and personality, play an important role.

We deliberately focus on strengths in order to demonstrate that each and everyone has them and can use them to achieve things in life. This approach is in line with the SwissSkills mission of  promoting success and excellence on an  international, national, and also individual level.

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